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RLA Uniprime - Mortar Additive to Enhance Bond Strengths, Water & Chemical Resistance

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Uniprime Mortar Additive

RLA Uniprime

Uniprime is a modified latex polymer designed for general purpose use as an additive in conjunction with cement based adhesives, any cement based mortar to enhance bond strengths, water resistance and chemical resistance.

Uniprime’s main uses are:

  • Primer prior to tiling or plastering
  • Slurry bonding coat
  • Plasticizer for mortars
  • Reducing efflorescence
  • Adhesion enhancer in conjunction with cement based tile adhesives for: vitrified tiles, glass mosaics, swimming pools, Industrial and commercial floors and dense smooth substrates.

Uniprime will improve the flexural strength of a cement based adhesive, providing greater resistance to the stresses in installations where the tiling may be subject to limited movement.

Sizes 1L, 4L , 20L and 200L






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