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Acoustic Tile Flooring

The AKU-Tile® 4 Impact Noise Reduction (INR) System is a system incorporating a high density non woven, polyester felt tile that when installed under ceramic tiles (to specification) will reduce the amount of impact noise that can be transmitted through the substrate. AKU-Tile® 4 INR is an ideal solution to new, high-rise apartments where designers are concerned for the end-users health and comfort. AKU-Tile® 4 INR is easy and fast to install, ensuring large commercial projects timelines are not compromised when choosing to install the AKU-Tile® 4 INR System. ...more information

Ceramic Tile Adhesives

RLA Polymers supplies an extensive range of cement based tile adhesives, modified cement based tile adhesives, premixed acrylic based flexible mastic tile adhesives and flexible tiling adhesives. ...more information   ...Atlas brand products  ...RLA brand products


RLA Polymers supplies a range of grout for a variety of different interior and exterior applications. Our range includes: RLA Wonder Grout, RLA Sanded Grout, RLA Smooth Grout and RLA Flexigrout. ...more information


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