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Tilebond White Tiles Adhesives


Tilebond White is a lightly modified thin bed adhesive designed for bonding most types of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and white or translucent marble onto rigid substrates.

  • Tilebond White can be used internally and externally for most domestic and commercial wall and floor tiling applications where the specific substrate is not subject to movement, vibration and flexing, or where there is a specific need for white adhesive.

  • For example bonding white or translucent marble, glass mosaics etc. onto: concrete, render, brickwork and swimming pools.

  • Uniprime additive should be added to the mix to enhance the bond strength where there is heavy loading or total submersion, and for bonding glass and vitrified tiles as well as to improve chemical resistance.

  • To provide higher bond strength and flexibility Uniflex should be added as full or partial replacement. Replacement rates are dependant on flexibility desired.

  • Size 20kg.





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