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AKU-Tile® 4 Impact Noise Reduction (INR) System
Acoustic Felt Tiles for Impact Noise Reduction under Ceramic Tiles

AKU-Tile® 4 INR
System Components
Surface Preparation
Priming & Application
Expansion / Movement Joints
Technical Data
Test Results
Technical Data Sheet (pdf)

System Components for Acoustic Tiling

  • CP3 Urethane adhesive
  • AKU-Tile® 4 tile
  • Miracryl 2-Part (M2P) Waterproofing Membrane
  • Miracryl 80 bandage
  • RLA Flex 1-Part Tile Adhesive
  • RLA Foam Backing Rod (FBR)
  • RLA Tilesil Silicon sealant

Please refer to each individual technical data sheet prior to commencing any installation. Furthermore, ensure you are completely familiar with this specification sheet and have completely read and understand the requirements PRIOR to starting any installation. If you have any questions please contact RLA Polymers.

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