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RLA Butylbond

RLA Butylbond

Butylbond is a highly flexible, reactive, rubber based two part adhesive.

  • It is designed for bonding most types of ceramic tile, and stone, onto substrates that are subject to flexing or movement, and or require rapid set times. It is also an excellent adhesive for timber plank or cork onto concrete or timber substrates. Butylbond can be used to build falls, on Butyl rubber, or bituminous torch-down membrane decks.

  • Butylbond is typically used in the problematic applications that require a rapid setting and or flexible adhesive.

  • It can be used internally or externally and is suitable for domestic and commercial tiling applications where the substrate is subject to limited movement e.g. thermal expansion, flexing and vibration.

  • It is typically applied to: Butyl rubber membranes, EPDM rubber membranes, Concrete, Render, Brickwork, Fibre cement sheets, Heated floor slabs, Plasterboards, Particle board, Most solvent free membranes, Steel, Aluminium.

  • Butylbond is the recommended adhesive for tiling to sheet membranes.





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