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AKU-Tile® 4 Impact Noise Reduction (INR) System
Acoustic Felt Tiles for Impact Noise Reduction under Ceramic Tiles

AKU-Tile® 4 INR
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Expansion / Movement Joints
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Expansion / Movement Joints

Expansion / Movement joints must be provided to allow for movement between adjacent building components. To provide for these, allow a gap between the AKU-Tile® 4 of approximately 4mm at these horizontal joints. This gap should then be filled with RLA 6mm Foam Backing Rod.
Movement joints should be allowed for as follows:

  • Over existing joints in the substrate, where two different substrates meet e.g. Timber and concrete, around fixed elements in the floor e.g. columns, at internal vertical corners, and around the perimeter of the floor.

  • In internal floors where any dimension exceeds 9m, or 6m if subjected to sunlight, and in external floors where any dimension exceeds 4.5m.

  • On wall surfaces at storey heights horizontally and approx. 3m-4.5m apart vertically.

Movement joints should go right through the tile adhesive bed to the RLA 6mm FBR that has been installed and kept free from dirt and adhesive droppings. Movement joints must not be less than 6 mm and not wider than 10 mm. The movement joints must be filled with RLA Tilesil Silicone Sealant.

Figure 1: AKU-Tile® 4 INR - Complete System Detail

Acoustic Felt Tiles

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