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Established in 1966 as Rubber Latex Australia, RLA Polymers NZ Ltd has built an enviable reputation as a leader in the development and application of polymeric compounds.

Originally established to supply latex compounds to the Australian carpet industry, we now supply many different industries both in Australia, New Zealand and throughout Asia and Pacific Rim regions. Our integration into the multinational British Vita Group in 1986 gave us an enormous pool of technical and corporate expertise to draw on. This has lead to a period of growth that continues today.

In recent years we have acquired Polymer Engineering and The Roberts Company, giving us a market leading position in the Flooring Adhesive industry. In addition to our local manufacturing facility base in Manukau, Auckland we have our principle manufacturing site based in the Melbourne suburb of Kilsyth, we also have manufacturing operations in Sydney, Brisbane, and Malaysia

We have developed good breadth and depth of products within the Flooring, Adhesive, PVC, Polyurethane, Latex markets. Call one of our experts today to get the answers you are looking for when it comes to Polymeric technology!!

While we have a great range of proven products our value to customers is further strengthened by the RLA team that brings cost effective and technically advanced customised solutions to industry and to you.

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